Shelby Munsch

8005 hansen ct.
sebastopol ca 95472

primary: (707) 636-4225

cell: (707) 486-6128

Experience Summary:

Sonoma State University, Education/Public Outreach. Santa Rosa, CA; 5/16, ongoing

Supervisor: Lynn Cominsky

(707) 664-2655

1801 East Cotati Avenue Rohnert Park, California 94928

[email protected]

Technical Consultant: Did development of Drupal and WordPress sites, and managed several servers. Monitored and improved backup systems. Helped to build their student learning program being deployed currently in Mendocino County. Did some static site design.

Flight. Santa Rosa, CA; 8/15 to 10/15, ongoing

Supervisor: Michelle Farrell

(707) 385-1699

6 West 9th Street Santa Rosa, California 95401

[email protected]

Freelance Web Design/Development: Assisted in design and coding for websites using various web technologies, such as Drupal, Wordpress, Ruby on Rails and Jekyll. Done responsive design in all 4 technologies.

Zenergy Works. Santa Rosa, CA; 5/15, ongoing

Supervisor: Liz Nix

(707) 360-1402

418 B Street, #100, Santa Rosa, California 95401

Freelance Web Design/Development: Assisted in design and coding for a website using various web technologies, including work on the Wordpress backend. Built themes for clients.

Twin Hills District. Sebastopol CA; 1/15 to 2/15

Supervisor: Barbara Bickford

(707) 823-0871

700 Watertrough Road, Sebastopol, California 95472

Computer Systems Technician: Fix systems issues on PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks.

Sonoma County Office of Education. Santa Rosa CA; 6/13 to 11/13

Supervisor: Dan Bienkowski

(707) 524-2600

5340 Skylane Boulevard Santa Rosa, California 95403-8246

Desktop Support: Worked with system imaging to deploy and maintain computers. Provide support for users. Help set up for presenters.

Monte Rio Union School District. Monte Rio CA; 1/13 to 2/14

Supervisor: Jennifer Schwinn

(707) 865-2266

20700 Foothill Dr. Monte Rio, California 95462

Information Technologies: Responsible for school Mac lab and classroom/staff PC systems management. Configured networking.

Sparx Computers. Santa Rosa CA; 9/11 to present

Supervisor: Steve Price

(707) 865-2266

20700 Foothill Dr. Monte Rio, California 95462

Programmer/Lead Design: Branding and R&D for unreleased sites. Hardware maintenance. Server rack management. Sebastopol CA; 2/11 to 9/11

Programmer: Created individually customized sites for clients using SmugMug as a platform.

Waccobb. Sebastopol CA; 10/06 to 3/07, 10/08 to 11/08, 10/10 to 2/11

Intern: Assisted in design and coding for a website using various web technologies, including work on the PHP/MySQL backend. Performed code modernization for core technology updates.

Staff: Set up ad server for multiple sites.

Programmer: Continued work on software upgrades and creation of a packaged advanced bulletin board software.

Pathology Services. Sebastopol CA; 4/09 to 10/10

IT/Filing: Performed upkeep of multiple servers and workstations in a small business setting (about 30 computers). Submitted computer systems upgrade proposal. Filed sensitive paperwork and microscopy slide samples.

Computer Recycling Center. Santa Rosa CA; 6/08 to 8/08

Computer Sales/Technician: Repaired laptop and desktop computers for resale. Installed operating systems on both Macs and PCs. Sold computers and peripherals. Received and sorted electronics for recycling.

Solar Design Solutions. Sebastopol CA; 3/08 to 6/08

Intern: Utilized Google Sketchup and TurboCAD 14 in 2D and 3D mock-ups of Photovoltaic systems. Designed and maintained a XHTML/CSS based website. Set up and maintained a multi-router Microsoft-based SOHO network. Performed all service/troubleshooting for computer systems. Created active Visual Basic MS Excel spreadsheets.

Analy High School. Sebastopol CA; 9/04 to 6/07

Student Technology Assistant: Worked on PCs and Macs. Replaced power supplies, hard drives, graphics cards, and RAM in many computers. Helped clone PC lab. Set up iMacs and PCs. Set up systems to test Linux for possible use in a lab.

Marin Sierra. Truckee CA; 7/04 to 8/04, 6/05 to 8/05

Camp Staff: Boy Scout summer camp. Taught pre-teens earning various nature Merit Badges. Gathered information and researched astronomy to better edify students.

counselor in training: Volunteer position.

Computer Consulting. Sebastopol CA; ongoing

PC Maintenance: OS installations and troubleshooting on PCs and Macs. Teach basic computer skills on both Macs and PCs.

2007 High School Diploma, Analy High School, Sebastopol CA

2007 Eagle Scout Rank achieved, Troop 27, Sebastopol CA

Other references available on request.

Liz Nix:
Web Production Director, Zenergy Works

[email protected] (707) 636-4549

Melissa Geissinger:
WIMP President & COO

[email protected](707) 888-0225